The Path of No Return

February 26th, 2009

Anandamayi Ma once told icmarkets a man to avoid taking a certain train. He couldn’t see a logical reason for changing his plans and voiced his intention not to follow her suggestion.

Ma replied: “Everything I say and everything I do has meaning.”

Ma saying this is exactly the same as being told by Reality that everything it says and does is meaningful.

The other day I got a speeding ticket. It just so happened that I was engaged in pushing ahead with plans that were not in sync with my total situation. I was being willful rather than responsive to life.

I told my housemate that getting a speeding ticket and being told by Guru or an oracle to SLOW DOWN were exactly the same: a meaningful communication from Reality.

She remarked that perhaps I was just driving too fast. This is the kind of View that causes us to miss important communications from wisdom over and over again.

There is only continuity. Absolutely everything that arises is a meaningful response of Self to Self.

This is why the Kagyupa siddha, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, says: “Reality is my text.” Every accomplished practitioner arrives at this insight sooner or later.

When I talk about “meaning,” I do not mean something that can necessarily be explained or explicated in the ordinary sense of “this means that.”

It is more of an embodied conversation. If you look, listen, taste, touch and smell fully, on gross and subtle levels, you get to join the total conversation. If your senses are limited, you miss aspects of the conversation entirely or respond inappropriately.

Wisdom, aka Reality, is always trying to communicate with us. The purpose of the communication is to get us to become more aware and Self-recognize.

If we are practitioners, Wisdom inflames our tensions — most usefully within the context of the Guru-disciple relationship. In this way, we become aware of our limitations.

Conflicting desires arise. We want to assuage our tensions in the usual way, but we also want to be rid of tension and grow.

We have a choice about which olymp trade survey way to go.

If we don’t listen to Wisdom and make the effort to surrender our tensions, we get another chance, and another and another. Each opportunity grows more insistent like progressively harder knocks on the skull.

If we still don’t listen, then whatever we were clinging to is usually ripped away. This is grace, even though it is painful.

On the other hand, sometimes our resistance is so high, Wisdom responds by offering us a “detour.” This will allay our anxieties for a time, or give us a so-called easier way, but the path will be longer.

Eventually everyone must face their fixations and choose to relax them. Self-realization is much more of a certainty than death.

A core teaching states that Wisdom never gives us more than we can handle. If an opportunity to relax your tensions arises, you can be sure that if you say “yes,” you will succeed.

But you can also say “no” for a while and extend your suffering. You may think you are choosing greater comfort, but that is exceedingly momentary and more like padding your prison cell.

At some point you have to come out and play in the openness of life.

We have the experience of being able to choose to remain in ignorance and limitation only up until a certain point. When we reach that point, we have Self-recognized to the degree that we understand Self-realization is nothing other than the inevitable life process.

We then become “non-returners.” While we will still resist out of habit, we know that resistance is futile.

In Ma’s love,

Self-realization - the Long and the Short of It

February 15th, 2009

The other night, I dreamt of a house. I was shepherding students outside into a vast, rolling landscape of shimmering color.

How beautiful! How infinitely nuanced! How luminous! Please, please come.

Some step directly from the confines of the familiar house into the outdoors. Others are afraid and hang olymp trade back. I want to wait for everyone. more…

The Lives and Wisdom of Women Practitioners

January 27th, 2009

Hello, Precious Selves,

Last year, I introduced the Anandamayi Ma Resource Portal on Living Tantra. Ma was a great woman teacher and a great teacher of women. She transmitted what I consider to be the only authentic version of siddhasana (the accomplished pose) for women. I will be writing an article about it soon.

That article will appear on the forthcoming Yogini Resource Portal on Living Tantra. This new resource portal will feature articles, books, photographs, music, movies, websites and other resources by and/or about women practitioners. more…

What is Grace?

January 19th, 2009

It has to be admitted that everything happens as a result of one's actions. As everyone acts, so he reaps the fruit. However, at a certain stage the aspirant becomes aware of God's grace, then he declares that nothing at all happens without grace. But in actual fact, it is due to the result of his own actions that he has earned the privilege to become the recipient of Divine Grace.


Upset with Guru

January 2nd, 2009

The melong is a metal disk, polished to a mirror finish. Melong are living symbols of the natural process of teacher and student working together.

The teacher serves as a mirror into which the student can look and see her or his true image reflected. By fearlessly gazing into the melong, over time, students can clarify and expand their View and release themselves from limitation and fixation. more…

Please Don’t Ask Me

December 21st, 2008

Please don't ask me to be
your ordinary friend.
It's too painful
remaining silent when
I see your enlightened body
poking out
from beneath your sleeves. more…