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Divination with the Zhouyi

The Zhouyi is an ancient Chinese oracle and the gutsier parent of the Yijing (I Ching). Through the Zhouyi, you enter into a direct conversation with the wisdom that guides all beings toward Self-realization. This wisdom may speak in the voices of your ancestors, your true teachers, or your own enlightened insight.

The Zhouyi helps you to divine the intelligence and energy of the present moment. It assists you to discover potentials and avoid or minimize pitfalls. You may consult the Zhouyi about any personal concerns and relationships, for advice when embarking on a new path or project, and about spiritual life.

Shambhavi has a profound relationship with the Zhouyi and is able to interpret its advice in keeping with the unique situation of each questioner. She uses a translation of the Zhouyi by the Daoist Liu Ming, a modern master who has infused the text with the authenticity of true insight. During each consultation, you may consult the Zhouyi twice.

Consultations last approximately one hour and cost $60 for the reading, or $75 for the reading plus an mp3 recording of the reading sent to you via Skype. Contact Shambhavi to schedule an appointment.

Messages from Clients

Thanks for your help. I have recovered from that confusion and as per the precious and timely guidance of the oracle, I am able to conclude matters with satisfaction to all involved and I am grateful. –Jaipur, India

Fascinating and inspiring and affirming! — Idaho, USA

The reading was so clear and direct! Tells it like it is. Thanks! ;-) — Toronto, Canada

Please send the recording ASAP. I want to share it with my co-workers. –Massachusetts, USA

This is like a therapy session from the wisdom beings. — the Netherlands

The reading gave me a new way to think about things. I don’t feel so stuck anymore. –Oregon, USA